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Introducing SenseSleep. Train your brain to calm down when it’s time to sleep.

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“I sleep better before big matches now.”

Mike Bryan World #1 Ranked Doubles Team, 15 Grand Slam Titles

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“Almost immediately, I noticed I was having better nights of sleep.”

Carlos Quentin MLB Outfielder, 2008 & 2011 All-Star

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How it Works

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Record your heart rate

If your heart is beating too quickly, your brain and body are probably too active to fall asleep.

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Begin breathing exercises

SenseSleep will guide you through simple breathing exercises designed to lower your heart rate, calm your brainwaves, and prepare your body for rest.

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Rate your sleep

The next time you open SenseSleep, you’ll rate your night’s sleep on scale of 1 through 5. This allows you to track improvement over time.

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The Science Behind it

Your brain should be producing relaxed brain waves when it’s time to go to bed. But sometimes your mind just won’t slow down. Neuroscience research has shown that controlled breathing exercises can help the brain enter a more relaxed, sleepy state.

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