Focus on What Matters

Introducing SenseFocus. Train your brain to single-task and get more done.

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“It made the biggest difference around school. It made me a lot more efficient, more concentrated, and able to put a lot better work in in a shorter amount of time.”

Isaac Keefer Middle School Student

“It also helped me to stay focused as my thoughts started to drift away from where they needed to be.”

Angie Akers Professional Beach Volleyball Player

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From Clouded to Clarity

Attention plays such an important role in our lives—at work, in our relationships, and much more. SenseFocus exercises your brain to help improve mental acuity and concentration through fun, scientifically backed games.

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The Science Behind it

The research on neurofeedback and focus is clear—professional health providers even implement it for the treatment of ADHD. Learn more about neurofeedback and other effective interventions in our focus study.

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