Brain Sensing Technology for Providers

Expand your practice with Versus.

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Sleep Better. Live Better.

Introducing SenseSleep. Help your brain to calm down when it’s time to sleep.

From Breakdowns to Breakthroughs

SenseStress puts you back in control. Help your brain to remain calm and act smooth under the pressures of everyday life.

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Focus on What Matters

Introducing SenseFocus. Help your brain single-task and get more done.

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Brain Sensing Technology for Providers

Expand your practice with Versus.

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SenseLabs is the Leader in Brain Sensing Technology

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Ongoing Research

On sleep, performance, cognition and so much more

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World Class Customers

Red Bull, TPI, Stanford, NBA Teams, NFL Teams, and more

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Fifteen Patents Pending

Current and next generation technology patents filed along with process and use patents

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Data Warehouse

Otherwise referred to as our “BrainBank,” we have the largest database of performance brain maps in the world

“I sleep better before big matches now.”

Mike Bryan World #1 Ranked Doubles Team, 15 Grand Slam Titles

“It also helped me to stay focused as my thoughts started to drift away from where they needed to be.”

Angie Akers Professional Beach Volleyball Player

“Versus finally gives us the chance to move beyond rhetoric, into an era where we can start to explore the way in which our brain helps us perform.”

Andy Walshe, PhD Director, Red Bull High Performance

“My brain works this way because it thinks it’s working perfectly, but it’s not. I can change, I can exercise it like a muscle.”

Kerri Walsh Jennings 3x Olympic Gold Medalist

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The Science Behind it

SenseLabs is bringing the life-changing effects of brain sensing technology to people everywhere. From better sleep, to sharper focus, brain sensing technology works by exercising your brain.

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